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Julien Barrier

23, Parisian.

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I study Chemical Physics at ESPCI in Paris. As championed by its former director, Nobel laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, this Grande École distinctively educates its students about science at the crossroads of physics and chemistry, on both theoretical and practical levels.
I feel perfectly in line with its education paradigm:

What is expected from you ?

  1. a genuine, hands-on practice at the bench;
  2. self-built judgement: know how to learn from books, take notes, build charts on cross-disciplinary topics;
  3. a mixed culture: a physicist who is able to carry out basic chemical synthesis; a chemist who understands what to expect from his/her new molecules;
  4. and above all, be bold!

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes


As I have been made aware of global warming since my childhood, I now want to contribute to inventing solutions by carrying out research on emerging photovoltaics technologies. In 2017 I was hired by CEA (the French Alternative Energies Commission) as a 6-month intern to design and develop encapsulation materials for solar devices.

I am also the curator of a press review on hybrid and organic electronics, Check it out!

CEA is the French public research institution dedicated to nuclear and renewable energies. It was founded by President Charles de Gaulle after World War II, to warrant France’s sovereignty in the realm of energy and defense capabilities (including those based on nuclear reactions).
De Gaulle named Frédéric Joliot, the 1935 chemistry Nobel laureate and an ESPCI Alumnus as CEA’s founding director, thus ensuring that excellence be the main driver of the institution. CEA is currently ranked #1 by Reuters as the World most innovative research institution.

I’m always keen on interacting with – and learning from – new people, so please do not hesitate to contact me!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that I am in my graduation year, so please be considerate if some mistakes crop up in this work.